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Chris Stanley hails from the lively landscapes of San Antonio, Texas, but is sculpted by the artistic richness of Washington State. In the rhythm of a musical household, Chris's father, an engineer, and musician, introduced him to the intricate world of guitar playing. Influenced by his late mother's love for classic rock and icons like Elton John and Fleetwood Mac, Chris honed a versatile musical palette.During his formative years, Chris plunged into the depths of blues and classic rock, drawing inspiration from guitar maestros like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Angus Young, and Eddie Van Halen. The acoustic finesse of James Taylor and Paul Simon further wove threads into his musical tapestry. Embarking on a teenage journey into the blues scene, Chris jammed alongside his father and later formed his own trio. The transition from covers to original compositions marked a pivotal shift, unveiling Chris's prowess in songwriting, guitar, and vocals.While studying to become a doctoral physician assistant of urgent care medicine in eastern Washington, Chris's unwavering dedication to music prevailed. His solo performances resonated in local wineries, solidifying his standing as a regular artist in Yakima venues. After school, Chris returned to his old stomping grounds and is widening his audience in the Seattle area. He brings a distinctive and nostalgic musical style, drawing inspiration from the likes of Peter Gabriel, Marc Cohn, Dave Matthews, and more. Described as a refreshingly raw, passionate, and honest journey of the human experience, Chris's music continues to captivate audiences.In the iconic London Bridge Studio of Seattle, June 2023 witnessed the recording of Chris's debut self-titled EP, guided by producer Eric Lilavois. Slated for an early 2024 release, the EP boasts the standout single 'Pieces,' a collaboration with vocalist Ailisa Newhall and the talents of Seattle Symphony's Andrew Joslyn. Teaming up with renowned drummer Ben Smith and bassist Andy Stoller, recognized for their work with Heart, alongside drummer Thane Mitchell (featured on World Goes Around), Chris's EP promises an enthralling musical odyssey. The debut EP represents a cathartic release of long held ideas that entice you to anticipate what Chris will release next. An excitement lingers in the ears with the realization you’re listening to an artist with so much to say, who has only just begun to share.

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