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Chris was born in San Antonio, Texas. He and his family moved to Washington State when his father began working for Boeing in 1990. He grew up in a musical home, his father, who works as an engineer, is also a musician and taught Chris guitar. His mother, who passed in 2012, also influenced Chris's taste in music, by sharing her love of classic rock and artists like Elton John and Fleetwood Mac.

Chris's love of blues and classic rock would occupy his formative years with constant practice of his guitar heroes, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Page, Angus Young and Eddie Van Halen. Chris also was inspired by classic acoustic players like James Taylor and Paul Simon. 

As a teenager, Chris played at blues jams with his father, later he would form his own trio and play local bars and colleges, playing blues and covering popular bands at the time. He also started to write and sing his own music, and the band started to include these originals songs in their set lists.

Burnt out from the cover circuit and inspired by the medical care witnessed during his mother’s passing, Chris pursued a career in medicine and is a certified, doctoral physician assistant in the field of urgent care medicine.

While studying in eastern Washington, Chris’s solo performances were welcomed by various wineries and he soon become a regular appearing artist at many locations in Yakima, WA.

Back home in western Washington, Chris is sharing his unique yet nostalgic style of music, which draws from various influences such as Peter Gabriel, Bruce Hornsby, Dave Matthews and more; and will be releasing his newest EP spring 2024.

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